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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the One touch expenser was released a couple of days ago. It contains one exciting feature: Tidbits. You might have noticed that the action bar at the bottom is now gone and might have noticed Board now. Board houses tidbits.

Tidbits can be about anything. If you have not set any budget, it will ask you to set your monthly budget. If there are any one touch transactions whose data has to be filled, it will show it in the board. If there are any reminders in the near future, it will show you.

One of the most useful features of tidbits is showing the transactions for which data has to be filled. Say you were outside and you one touched after you spent. After reaching home, you want to fill the details without waiting for the notification. Now, if you open the app, you can see the tidbit at bottom showing you the one touch transaction. You can directly fill from there. Very convenient!!

If the 4*1 widget stopped updating expenses, please remove and add it again. It is a known issue and will be rectified in the coming release.

Keep providing us feedback. There are very few tidbits which are shown now. But we hope to expand greatly in future and adding personal touch to the app.

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