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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simpler UI, searching transactions and more.

Version 1.7 was released on Nov 30, with number of enhancements to make the app easier to use and a few bug fixes.

Tags created now on-wards are all in lower case. Multiple tags with same name but different case has been a source of bugs and confusion.

Main page has been simplified to navigate easily. Now, no more two clicks to go to transactions, reminders, adding a transaction etc. Less frequent things are relegated to Settings(Repeating transactions).

Summary page is now so much better and shows both summary of children tags and transactions of the tag.

One exciting enhancement is the ability to search for transactions/transaction. You can search for a transaction either by tag, or note or even amount. And it will instantly find the relevant transactions, and more, it will show the summary of transactions matching the search criteria. Very useful if you want to see how much you spent on a particular item(if you wrote the item in the note or a tag).

Let us know your comments on the enhancements. Also, if there is anything else you want to see in the app.


  1. Thanks you give a such great application!!
    All wish you have good health!
    Khoa @ Vietnam - Saigon City

    1. Thank you very much for your support. Its your support that makes an application great!!